25 September 2016

The Sunday Round-Up DOUBLE BILL: 12th September - 25th September

I was unavailable to do a round-up last time out but you won't miss anything with our double bill special, so let's get straight to it.

20 September 2016

Three Blue Shells Cast! - Ep. 3: PS4 Pro

In today's episode of Three Blue Shells Cast, Bobbo and Craig talk about the September Sony Event which revealed a slimmer PS4 model, a slew of new gameplay footage, and of course, the upgraded PS4 Pro.

We hope you enjoy our latest episode and always appreciate feedback and your thoughts through our social media outlets and the comments section below.

13 September 2016

Thrustmaster T500RS Racing Wheel Review

While we have done plenty of game reviews on ThreeBlueShells, I've decided that today we'll be doing something a bit different by reviewing a hardware peripheral. The equipment in question is Thrustmaster's top-of-the-line racing wheel for PC, PS3 and PS4 game systems, the T500RS! As you may know, racing games are kinda my thing so who better to let you guys know the ins and the outs on what is an expensive bit of kit.

12 September 2016

Broforce Review

Broforce is a very simplistic yet incredibly fun and charming game. It features up to 4 player online or local co-op, as well as downloadable user made levels and multiplayer deathmatches. A lot of it's charm comes from a very nostalgic pixel art style, as well as a large cast of recognizable action heroes as the games cast of characters. It's hard to put into words the experienced garnered by playing Broforce. It's a love letter to retro gaming and the over the top action movies of the past. Take every insane moment from an 80's action film, compress it into 8-bit and inject it with Michael Bay levels of explosions and you have Broforce.

11 September 2016

The Sunday Round-Up: 5th September - 11th September

Sony have made all the gaming headlines this week as well as some other little things in this weeks post.

9 September 2016

Top Ten Multiplayer Games

Humanity on the whole is a pretty social species. We can make great advances in the fields of science and technology as well as produce great media in the form of films, TV and of course video games, all achievable by working together. Now that might be the strangest way to start a top ten video game list but it all links together on a particular aspect of gaming, multiplayer! Yes playing games on our own can be pretty chill and relaxing but multiplayer gaming has been around since the start and is particularly popular today with the advent of the Internet, making playing with other people easier than ever. So I've looked back at the games I've enjoyed the most when playing alongside my fellow man to make a top ten multiplayer games list!

P.S. Some of the entries are whole series as opposed to a single game just to make things easier.

6 September 2016

Top 5 Underrated RPG's of all Time

So welcome back to another piece written by yours truly and today we will be looking at 5 underrated Role Playing Games of all time. Now a quick disclaimer this is my list so yours may look a little different these are in my opinion the 5 most underrated of all time, if you have any disagreements with me on the subject please feel free to do so in the comments of this article. But for now let's get right into the reason we're here, shall we?.